Costs vary according to size and complexity of each job:

Your Move Manager  is responsible for planning, scheduling and managing the details and leading the team assigned to your job.  

Your free in-home assessment will provide you with an itemized estimate covering, right-sizing, organizing, packing, moving, unpacking and settling in.  You can opt for any or all of the services based on your specific needs and wants.                      

  1. Unpacking: because everything was packed with the end in mind. The unpacking process is really very easy and efficient.  Every box and carton will be unpacked, arranged logically in  closets, cupboards and in or on furniture within your new home.  Empty boxes are broken down and paper wrap is flattened to ensure no items are accidentally overlooked in the packaging materials.
  2. Settling-in: to ensure your move is as easy and enjoyable as possible, we are happy to hang pictures, arrange decor items, make beds, set clocks and connect your electronics.
  3. Arranging storage:  in order to make sure everything is easily accessible it is sometimes necessary to rearrange or even add shelving/ storage in your new home.  When needed we are happy to make whatever updates will provide optimal capacity as well as accessibility.
  4. Transfer utilities / services:  If requested we are happy to arrange for transfer of services from your existing home to your new one.
  5. Post transition follow up:  Whenever possible we will try to schedule a follow up appointment a couple of weeks after your move to make sure you are happy with your new home.   


  1. Move Prep:  Before the truck arrives on move day, final packing (beds & baths) will be completed along with disconnecting phones, computers and, TVs.  Furniture will be wrapped and prepped as needed.
  2. Load and Unload:  Professional movers are contracted to complete the physical load, transport and unload of your belongings.  When the truck is unloaded, all furnishings and cartons are placed according to direction from the Move Manager in order to increase efficiency and minimize rework.
  3. Shipments to Family or Friends:Belongings you no longer want or use, may be both very useful and highly valued by someone you care about.
  4. Donations to Charities:  Depending on the quantity and size of your donations, your belongings will either be inventoried and taken to the charity of your choice, or we will arrange for a truck to come to your home for pick up.
  5. Estate Sales:  Again, depending on your individual situation, you may opt to offer the furnishings and other items you choose not to move with you for sale.  Depending on the size and values, we will either refer you to a professional Estate Seller, or provide a down-sizing sale with our own team.. 
  6. Arrange for Consignment or Auction. Some collections or items of value are best suited to  Consignment or Auction for liquidation.  If you choose this option, you may already have a trusted resource, but if not, we are happy to help.

In order to provide our clients the most efficient and economical move, we take the time to plan.


With great plans in place, moving and dispersing belongings (no longer needed or wanted) is quick and efficient.

 Our Moving Services

  Get Moved

Friendly Move Management offers the following services to help senior clients in the greater Portland area prepare for their move or simply to update your current home to improve safety and accessibility right where they are:

  1. Planning: Whether you are going to relocate, or age in place, a clearly understood goal makes working together easier and more efficient for everyone involved.  A floor plan or 3-D space plan of your new or updated home is a great way to start.  We also develop a calendar and project plan that maximizes our productivity for you.
  2. Organizing:  Depending on how many years you have been in your home, bringing like items together for comparison and assessment can be an important step in your decision making process.  We do not recommend downsizing randomly.  It is important that you see your options before making the choice to keep, gift or donate.
  3. Downsizing:  We believe that for most of our clients, choosing to live with fewer belongings can be a wonderfully freeing and positive experience.  We will ask you questions to facilitate thinking through the process, making sure nothing routinely useful or clearly treasured is downsized inadvertently.  In some cases, a new platform may allow you to keep things in a more space efficient way (i.e. digital-vs-4 drawer file cabinet).
  4. Sorting:  Once the decions have been made about what you will be moving with you, or keeping, we will help you sort and prepare the remaining items for shipment to family and friends, for sale, or for donation.  
  5. Packing:  If you have made the decision to move, everything you are taking with you will be professionally wrapped and packed according to where they are to be unpacked.  By moving fewer items and organizing for the unpack, your move will be quick and efficient and what you invest in preparation will be rewarded at the other end. We can also pack for shipment or donation when needed. 

 Get Ready

   Enjoy !

 Arranging your belonging to ensure they are easily accessible and clearly visible for your pleasure is part of our job!

Senior Moving Services