Your art will be hung, decor professionally placed, beds will be made, clocks set, and electronics connected.

​Pack Day -  One Day Before your Move

Not sure where to begin?


​Clean Up

 Services at:

 Settling In -  makes your new home feel like it's yours!

Staging your Home for  Sale

Senior Moving Services

This is the day we work together to ensure everything is packed and prepared to go on the truck.  YOU ARE THE BOSS! and we request our clients are with us through this process to answer any last minute questions.

​Downsizing & Pre-pack

All boxes are flattened to ensure nothing was overlooked during the unpack.  Then all boxes, tools and supplies are removed for your final walk through and approval.

 Unpacking ​every item we packed.

Not sure where to begin?

Get Ready

If the sale of your home will benefit from professional staging, we are happy to help.                

​Your Personalized Move Plan

​​In order to provide our clients the most efficient and economical move,

we begin with a plan.

Get Moved

Move Day -  When everything happens FAST!

Each Team Member will unpack the boxes they packed yesterday.  This ensures your kitchens, closets and baths are both well organized and familiar for your use. .

​​​​For a percentage of client, who have enjoyed many years in their current home, down-sizing, dispersal, and potentially pre-packing some items will be part of the plan.

With a clear understanding of your needs and desires for your move, we will develop a plan that includes, scheduling, staffing, and a scale design of your furniture in your new home.

With great plans in place, packing, loading and moving will be very efficient.


​Remember, YOU ARE THE BOSS, so you have this day off.  We are not kidding, it's for your safety,  you have approved the plans and the pack and now it's our turn to do the work.

Your ​FREE in-home Assessment and Estimate  

Your initial (FREE) assessment is your time to learn more detail about the services we offer, but more importantly it is our time to learn about you.  

Arranging your belongings

to ensure they are easily accessible

and clearly visible for your pleasure

is part of our job!