Downsize From a Large Home to an Active Retirement Apartment.

During my working years I had not found the time to sort or downsize all the belonging I inherited from my parents, much less my own keepsakes and mementos.  Then  when I retired and had the time, my own health and physical limitations made the task overwhelming. 

Linda worked through every room in my home, strategically pulling together items so I could make decisions about what to keep, sell or donate. It was a lot of work, but worth every penny.  I could not have made my move without the help of Friendly Move Mangement.

                                                       Mary Ann Woloschuk, Wilsonville, OR

I was moved in just a few hours, including placing the furniture and making the bed and, as I requested,  all the boxes were opened and staged around the apartment for me to unpack.

Six months later, with too many boxes, we're still waiting for me to unpack them; I had made the decision to move into a Assisted Living Community in Newberg to be nearer to my son. 

When I called on Linda again, there was no "I told you so", just a "No problem, we're here to help in any way we can".  Just 10 days later, Linda had made arrangements for a local donation truck to pick up the furnishings and miscellaneous I chose not to take with me this time, everything I needed was repacked, moved to Newberg, and 75% had been unpacked and put away by the time the  truck was emptied.  Clothes in the closet, bathroom stocked, bed made and pictures on the walls. 


                                                              Thanks again, Mary Olivieri, Newberg, OR

I have had the pleasure of working with Linda, from Friendly Move Management on two different occasions, in Nov. 2014 and now in Feb. 2015.  She not only moved me from one residence to another, she took care of everything, arranging the movers, taking care of donations, adjusting her schedule so my children could be there over the move weekend.

On move day, I did change my mind.  Linda was right on time and got straight to work, packing our bedding, disconnecting the computer and phones and collecting and packing several last minute items.  At the same time two nice young men loaded the truck. At some point, my son informed Linda there was going to be a problem at the other end.  My wife and I had made many trips to our new apartmernt, delivering bags, boxes and loose items and he did not think there would be any room for our furniture.

Without futher discussion, Linda let us know that she had talked to the Movers and she was going ahead to our apartment to prepare for the arrival of our furniture.  She worked a miracle!  In just two hours, she had everything organized into closets, cupboards, and staged into appropriate areas.  When the furniture arrived, it all fit! 

When my wife and I arrived we were both surprised and thrilled about what we walked in to.  I am happy to recommend Friendly Move Management & their team.

                                                                 Lee and Mary Ritter,  Beaverton, OR


If you are thinking about moving, I recommend Linda Liebenstein, from Friendly Move Management. I first worked with her in the summer of 2014. She was very professional, as well as efficient and friendly. She delivered exactly what I asked for.


​​I am so grateful for Linda's patience, tenacity, professionalism and compassion.  She has worked with me every step of the way, from downsizing 30 years of accumulated stuff, to managing my estate sale, to staging, and when my house was sold, moving my stuff and setting up my new apartment. 

Happy client with her dog

Move From Active Retirement Apartment

to Assisted Living

 Downsize & Move Within A Retirement Community  

After I was moved in, not only did she unpack, but she also installed extra shelving. Now my cupboards are well organized and everything is easy to reach.  She also arranged my gardening and other storage in the garage with everything handy and well marked, so I don't have to open boxes to know what in them.  She even posted a list of what went up to the attic near the bottom of the ladder.

I don't know how I could have managed this move, at this point in my life, without Linda's help. She is absolutely wonderful.  She listened to what I wanted and helped me to create a home that I love. She is simply the best at what she does.

Please feel free to call me if I can help with your decision to hire Friendly Move Management.

                                                          Sincerely, Virginia Bergmann, McMinnville, OR

Move to a New Retirement Community

To be honest, I did not think I needed

or wanted a Senior Move Manager. 

When Linda came to give my wife and

I an estimate, we told her we  did not

need anything packed and we already 

knew where we were going to put everything.

We just wanted her help with arranging for a

truck and a team to load our furniture and

deliver it to the new address.  She agreed,

offering to do more if we changed our minds.