Pack Day 

  • You will get a reminder call 1 or 2 days before your pack.
  • Your team of packers will arrive at your home at your scheduled time.
  • They will bring all needed materials;  boxes, bubble wrap, paper, tape, markers, *and a brown bag lunch.
  • They will complete a walk through of your home confirming everything to be packed and moved, as well as items to be left out for your last night in your old home.
  • ​You sit down in your favorite chair and watch us work.  Remember, YOU'RE THE BOSS.  We will be asking questions as needed and we really appreciate you staying close to answer them.
  • As each room is completed, you will again be asked to walk through to ensure nothing was missed.
  • ​We normally schedule work to be done in 3-5 hours so we don't wear you out before the big day.