Are there any items FMM cannot move?
Yes!  Here is a list of the items you should personally carry to your new

as these items are not covered by our liability policy: 

     Fine jewelry                             Cash

     Credit cards                             Checks

     Stocks                                      Bonds

     Prescriptions/Medications        Hearing aids

     Other medical devices             Oxygen tanks

     Firearms, ammunition, weapons, or explosives of any kind

Besides the items listed above that FMM cannot move, do I need to pack anything else before you arrive?
Nope!  We take care of packing everything selected to go to your new residence and charity.  You don’t have to pack a thing!  In fact, while some people think they will save time and money by packing items ahead of time on their own, in reality it slows us down.  We use specific packing techniques that allow us to get the job done in an efficient and practical manner – unpacking boxes that were not packed by FMM slows us down and ends up costing you more.  Additionally, our insurance only covers items packed by FMM staff, so if in the event something is damaged, you will be responsible for any costs associated with repairing or replacing that item. 

Since you pack on one day and then move the next day, what do I do about items I’ll need overnight?
Make sure you segregate any items you will need overnight
BEFORE we arrive on Pack Day – this will help ensure we do not accidentally pack anything you may need for the night of Pack Day and the morning of Move Day. When we arrive to pack, please point out to us any items you want left out and we will make sure not to pack them – any items left out overnight will be packed the morning of Move Day.  Here are items you should consider keeping out overnight:

     Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, makeup, etc.)
     Eyeglasses, Dentures
     Change of clothes, Shoes, Pajamas, Jacket
     Wallet, Purse, Identification, Cellphone

     Walker, Cane, Other movement support tools
     Snacks, Water bottle
     Facial tissue or handkerchief, Small first aid kit
     Books, Crossword puzzles
     Select important papers (FMM contract, emergency phone numbers, medication list, new home rental agreement, etc.)

What do I do on Pack Day and on Move Day?
This is a great question we get asked a lot!
Pack Day, we ask that you be present throughout the day as we will be asking questions about where each item will ultimately go depending on your specific needs – to your new residence, to charity, to storage, to a family member’s home, to be set aside for an estate sale, etc.  We want to make sure your items are properly categorized according to your desires.

Move Day, we HIGHLY recommend you spend the day out and about – spend the day with family,

catch a movie, take a day trip to the beach, enjoy a nice long lunch – relax and enjoy a day of fun!

When we arrive the morning of Move Day, we will walk through your home with you one last time to

make sure we both agree on what is being moved and discuss any last minute changes….and then

you are free to enjoy your day!  Our main concern is your safety – there will be a lot of people and

heavy objects moving about and we certainly do not want to risk you getting hurt. Additionally, we are

able to perform our services much more quickly and efficiently when the client is away.  We will let you

know around what time we think we will be finished and will call you about half an hour before we are

done.  Then, we you arrive to your new home, we will give you a tour and show you where everything

is located.  After the tour, we will give you the final invoice and settle up before leaving you to enjoy

your new home!

If your move is scheduled to occur all in one day, we ask that you be present at your current home while we’re packing, and then spend the rest of your day relaxing elsewhere while we move items to your new home and get it all set up.

Do you completely unpack and set up the new home?
Yes!  This is a service some of our clients question a few times because it’s so unique!  But yes, we will get your new home completely set up – we will make your bed, hang your art, organize your cupboards and closets, put away your clothes and shoes, hook up all your electronics and lamps, display your décor, and make your home feel like HOME!  Check out our Photos page to see some examples of what it looks like when we’re finished!

Who transfers the utility services?
You are responsible for calling the utility companies to transfer any necessary utilities to your

new residence.  If you are moving into a community, make sure you know which utilities the

community provides and which ones you will be responsible for.  FMM will gladly hook up your

electronics (televisions, telephones, computers, etc.) but you are responsible for contacting the

service providers to get them working properly.  You are also responsible for changing your

mailing address.

Are you insured?
Yes. FMM is fully licensed, bonded and insured. Details of our insurance coverage and liability policy will discussed during the free assessment.

How do you charge for your services?

We charge by the hour for all of our moving services.  We charge a percentage for estate sales.  Details about our rates will be discussed during your free assessment and we will provide you with a written estimate based on the services you choose and your concerns.  Contact us today to schedule an assessment!

How is the billing arranged for the movers?
FMM will schedule and coordinate a professionally licensed and insured moving company that we think is best suited for your move.  We receive no compensation from any vendor we recommend.  We will include an estimate of the cost of the movers in our original estimate and we will pay the movers their final price at the end of the move.  That price will be included in your final invoice so you do not have to pay multiple people; you just pay one final bill to FMM.

Do you assist with long-distance moves as well as local moves?
Absolutely!  While the majority of our clients move within the greater Portland area, we are

happy to help seniors moving to the area from another city or state and will assist you in

getting settled into your new home quickly so that you can begin enjoying the next chapter

of your life!  If you are moving out of the Portland area, we will find a qualified Senior Move

Management company in your destination and will work directly with them to plan the details

of your move so that you transition with ease and enjoyment.

Is there anything else that would be helpful for me to know?
At FMM we strive to meet the needs of all our clients and to keep them informed of ways to control their move costs.  Here are some factors that could contribute to an increase in your final cost for both the movers and for our team:
*You decide to move more items that cannot be easily accommodated in the new home and FMM staff had to “rework” items so that we could get everything to fit into your new space.
*You or your family did not complete the sorting as agreed upon and FMM staff had to provide sorting hours that were not included in original estimate.  
*On move day, you decide to take items/furniture to your new home that were not

considered in the original floor plan.  This change may cause delays for the movers

and FMM staff as the floor plan has to be altered and furniture has to be rearranged

more than once.
*Family members present on move day are making changes to the agreed upon

move plan.  Each family member with an opinion adds about an hour’s worth of time

to the move process.
*Disassembling & assembling furniture (bed frames, dresser
mirrors, multi-piece

desks, etc.)
*Furniture that does not fit through doorways or on elevators.
*Elevator delays (elevator breakdown, moving during meal time w
hen elevator traffic

is heavy, sharing an elevator with another vendor, etc.)
*Long hallways in communities or complexes.
*Delays created by inclement weather or heavy traffic.
*Restricted or limited parking availability 

I would love to get more information and use your services, what is the first step?
Wonderful!  The first step is to connect and schedule a free assessment,  Give us a call today at 503-686-5597.  We look forward to assisting you in this exciting transition!

Based in Tigard, Oregon, we proudly serve the greater Portland area! 

Call: 503-686-5597

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