​Down Size and Pre-Pack

Pre-packing is useful for client's that are planning to list their homes for sale. 

  • If your Realtor says "we need to get this outa here" that does not mean you have to or should throw it away..
  • Personal belonging, that make your house feel like home, family photo's, awards, keepsakes, etc. are always candidates for pre-pack before showing your home for sale.  Potential buyers need to see your house as their home, not yours. 
  • Some items that you are choosing for your new home will not need to be used before your move, so there is an advantage to packing, labeling, and storing these boxes until your move. 
  • ​Excess furniture is also a candidate for prepack, for example, too many book cases can swallow space in your roomy den, so leave one and pack, then disperse or store the rest.

Down sizing is very often needed for clients who are moving out of a long loved home.

  • We focus first on everything you intend to keep. During this move it is important that what is most precious to you is our priority.
  • Once you have identified what you want to take, we will look at what space you have available.  It is not unusual that you will take your favorite dinnerware, but not all of it.  You can move a service for four with you and gift a service for eight to a child, grandchild, or favorite charity. 
  • We may challenge some items, for example, if you are moving to an assisted living apartment that provides three meals, but not stove or oven, your bakeware and cookware need to find another home. 
  • Sometimes we will suggest consignment.  If you have good quality furniture in excellent condition this can be a great way to offset some of your costs. But keep in mind, it will be up to the individual consignors, whether of not to accept your belongings. 
  • ​Sometimes we may suggest you take an item of furniture you were planning to leave behind.  Often time storage is noticeably less in your new apartment, so including furniture with storage (i/e bookcases, hutches, a small dresser) can be useful.
  • It is sometime difficult to say goodbye, but remember: ​                                                                                                                                                                                                IF YOU DON'T LOVE IT............................IT'S TIME TO LEAVE IT BEHIND.