FREE  In-home Assessmenty

To ensure you make the most of your FREE Assessment: 

  • Schedule your assessment for a time when you are available and unscheduled, and also allow enough time to complete the process prior to your scheduled move date..
  • Allow 1-2 hour to complete the process, which varies according to the size of your home, the amount of belonging we will be looking at, and the number of questions you may have.
  • Invite anyone who will be involved in your decisions regarding move dates, what items are moved, dispersal of unneeded belongings, etc.

During your FREE Assessment:

  • Your Friendly Move Representative will begin your meeting with a short overview of all the services and resources available in your Assessment Folder (yours to keep).
  • Next we will find out more about you and your goals for your upcoming move.
  • After we have a good understanding of your details and deadlines, we will walk your home; measuring furniture to be placed in your new home, estimating boxes (type and quantity) needed, and noting any special handling or additional tasks to be included.

Completing your Assessment:

  • Using the information collected, you will be presented an estimate for your move.
  • ​Liability Insurance, Bonding, and Services Contract will be reviewed.