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Linda Liebenstein, Certified Senior Move Manager

Thank you!  I don’t have the words to adequately tell you how I appreciate all you did for me during the move.  At the time I felt overwhelmed…you took such good care of me.  You took a lot of the stress out of the entire experience.  Thank you for what you are continuing to do for others.  I wish you much success!  You’ll go far. –  M.B.

​​To make moving as easy, efficient and enjoyable as we can for every client.

We will accomplish our mission by:   

* Listening to our clients wants and needs.

* Offering clear understandable assessments, estimates, and contracts.

* Preparing space plans focused on safety and accessibility.

* Providing well-planned and carefully scheduled moves.

* Completing the process of settling into your new home quickly and efficiently.

* Staying in touch to ensure your satisfaction.

NASMM Code of Ethics

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Our Values

~ Courtesy ~

~ Integrity ~

 ~ Compassion ~

Linda Liebenstein

Friendly Move Management is a proud member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) – the only association representing the Senior Move Management profession. Through the Code of Ethics, NASMM has set the highest ethical standards for Senior Move Managers to protect both the integrity of the profession, and the clients they serve.   Check out the NASMM website for more information about the organization.

 As a member of NASMM, Friendly Move Management abides by the following NASMM Code of Ethics:

Standard 1 – Advocacy and Loyalty
The client is the person in transition. I will provide services and recommendations based on the needs and concerns of the person in transition.
A.  The primary client may not necessarily be the person who makes the initial contact or the person responsible for payment for services rendered.
B.  All others affected by or having an impact on the client’s needs are part of the “client system.” These may include: the client, family members, paid caregivers, friends and neighbors, a third party with financial responsibility, referral sources, other service providers, etc.
C.  In the event of conflicting needs or wishes within the client system, I will honor the needs of the client, as defined by the client, unless a Power of Attorney is present.
D.  If I am unable to fulfill requests for services, or decide to terminate services, I will provide the client with other resources.

Standard 2 – Promoting Self-Determination

I will respect and encourage the client’s right to be in control and to make decisions.
A.  Clients have the right to make decisions, even if those decisions appear not to be in their best interests. I may explain the consequences of various decisions, but the client’s wishes are paramount.
B.  Individuals with memory loss and cognitive impairment still have opinions and a need to feel valued. I will encourage all clients, including those with cognitive impairment, to participate meaningfully in decision-making.
C.  I will respect the client’s belongings, regardless of their condition or material value.
D.  I will respect the client’s life experiences and will honor the client’s right to reminisce and reflect on past experiences.

Standard 3 – Right to Privacy
I will not disclose personal information about clients and will reveal such information only with the client’s permission.

A.  The obligation of confidentiality may be waived in circumstances where the client’s privacy conflicts with public safety, or when I believe it is necessary to protect the client from himself and/or others.

Standard 4 – Conflict of Interest
I will seek to avoid conflicts of interest, and will use best practices for reducing conflicts of interest when dual relationships are present.
A.  I will not allow compensation from third parties to influence my recommendations for goods or services. I will base recommendations for products and services with my client’s best interest in mind.
B.  I will provide full disclosure of any business, professional or personal relationships I may have with businesses, services and institutions I refer, and will offer the client alternative choices.
C.  I will have a written policy for my business regarding accepting gifts, purchasing items from clients and diverting items slated for donation or disposal. This policy will be reviewed and explained to staff.

Standard 5 – Integrity
I will be honest in all business relationships, including those with clients, employers, colleagues, and staff.
A.  I will use a written contract and will provide clients with a copy of the signed contract along with complete and accurate information regarding fees, charging methodology, communication policies and business relationships.
B.  I will describe my qualifications, background, insurance coverage and experience accurately and will not use false or misleading information.
C.  I will comply with all local, state and federal laws, rules, regulations regarding business procedures and practices.
D.  I will not infringe on the intellectual property of others.
E.  I will not initiate or participate in discussions that might be reasonably expected to injure another Move Manager’s reputation.
F.  I will not promote or sanction any form of discrimination.

Standard 6 – Accountability
I am accountable to clients, employees and the general public.
A.  I will consider the health, safety and welfare of the client, the public and my staff.
B.  I accept responsibility for my actions, for those of my staff and for individuals who represent my company.
C.  I will ensure that individuals representing my business are trained in ethics, safety policies and procedures as they relate to my business and the Senior Move Management industry.

Standard 7 – Continuing Education
I will promote the competency and professionalism of myself and my staff through continuing education.
A.  NASMM members are encouraged to explore professional development opportunities through NASMM, other like-minded associations and aging services providers.

I am a very lucky professional, because I sincerely enjoy the work I do every day and my clients tell me it shows.

My passion for design and organization has earned me praise and promotions throughout my 35-year career in store planning and design. Now I am working with the best local moving companies and leveraging my skills and experience to provide individualized, destination-oriented moving services for all my clients​.